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Massive Orgasms

Total Run Time: 21mins

Bound for play, beautiful submissive Miku knows that her one goal will be to please and pleasure her Masters. She obediently submits her mind and body becoming theirs. She knows that if she pleasures them, they will give her pleasure beyond her imagination. Hogtied she accepts the hard pulsing cocks in her mouth and already sopping wet pussy. Any hesitation results in a hard spanking. She is their toy in this world of BDSM and sex. Her submission is complete and absolute.

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Rika Given The Ride Of Her Life

Total Run Time: XXmins

Rika is startled when the electro stim devices were turned on. She tries to make sense of it but the electricity jolts her body. She is bound tightly. Her legs spread wide, her vulnerable pussy wired, exposed and very wet. This was her BDSM fantasy and her body was succumbing to the sensations. Her pussy glistening more and more with each punishing orgasm she endures. Orgasms that were hard, real and amazing.

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Extreme Pussy Play

Total Run Time: 22mins

Expertly tied to the bondage rack, Mabon's pussy is in for a real treat! Her Masters alternatve between vibrators and dildos as her pussy is pushed beyond it's capacity to endure pleasure. Each orgasm becoming more and more intense than the last. Her body shakes involuntarily from the pure pleasure! This truly is exceptional bondage at it's finest.

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